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Vision Casting and Expectations

Vision for Beacon Rescue Mission:

Amos Love, Director

1. To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we minister to and meet. This is done through our words, deeds and actions.

2. Actively build relationships as we minister.  Whether a person leaves the Beacon as a success or drops out of the program, we are to be their friend and show the love of God to them and offer encouragement and support whenever possible. This is done by sharing contact information and verbalizing our willingness to be their friend regardless of the circumstances. Commit to pray for those we minister to on a regular basis.

2. Teach Biblical truth. Involve those we are ministering to in Bible studies and be willing to discuss and research Biblical questions in love.

3. Seek ways to offer help to those outside of the Beacon Programs. As we work with people through our programs we will encounter those who are not ready eligible to enter a Beacon program. Our heart should be one to seek out means of help outside our programs when necessary.


Vision for Beacon Employees:

I want every Beacon employee to understand that their current position, no matter what that may be, is ministry.

I want to equip every Beacon employee to be able to minister to those around them and be knowledgeable of how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I want every Beacon employee to be knowledgeable about the ministries of the Beacon Mission. 

My goal is for each employee to have full access to the Beacon Mission so that they will have the ability to meet a need that they may encounter at any time. 

This is done by scheduling every employee to help work at the Beacon Shelter on a regular basis and giving each employee a key to the facility.


Vision for 2020:

I want to build relationships with Christians in our community with a heart to serve the Lord in order to...

1. Provide opportunities for community involvement with existing Beacon Programs.

2. Seek solutions for unmet needs of vulnerable people in our area. (Mentally ill, sex offenders, addiction)

3. Continue to improve the Beacon Shelter building by installing AC units (Chapel area, Computer lab), replacing worn flooring around shelter (DS Family Room, Staff Bathroom, Ladies Living area, Cafeteria, Men's bedrooms)

4. Organize grants to be applied for and communicate with staff about deadlines and requirements.

5. Upgrade camera system

6. Increase number of RF access doors around shelter

Vision for Beacon Thrift Stores:

Continue to improve the buildings and make them more appealing and energy efficient.

1. Upgrade AC units in Coats, Lillington and Dunn stores

2. Repair sagging floor at the Coats Store

3. Upgrade flooring in all stores

4. Upgrade camera systems


Vision for next 5 years...

1. Organize capital campaign to pay off facility buildings owned by Beacon.

2. Seek solutions for unmet needs of vulnerable people in our area. (Mentally ill, sex offenders, addicts)  

3. Network with community to organize effective fundraisers to be held on regular intervals. (annual)

4. Network with health care offices and schools to offer needed health services and training for vulnerable people in the area.

5. Lillington Beacon building upstairs set up to be available shelter when needed.

6. Raise funds to repair and replace parking lots at Beacon buildings.

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