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The Beacon Rescue Mission was founded in 1988 by Gene and Betty Love.  Gene and Betty had always been the type of people to house people in their home.  Amos Love, their son and current Executive Director, shares how he spent more time on the couch growing up then he did in his own bed.  One day Gene and Betty were speaking with a police officer and heard the story of a single mother who was begging to stay in the jail just to keep out of the cold.  Their heart went out to the situation and they asked that police officer to call them anytime someone needed a place to stay.  The police officer called them over 250 times that year!

Eventually the need became to great for them to stay in Johnston County and also for Gene to continue working his commercial HVAC business.  They decided to sell everything and serve the less fortunate.  The first step is that they bought a home in Dunn, NC where they could house folks and minister to them.  After 3 years they had run out of money and were in need of help.  Through God's providence they began the thrift store ministry.  Over36 years later, the shelter houses hundreds of people per year and is supported primarily through the thrift stores.   

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