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The Wind of God's Grace

Adrift on the Water

"But God remembered Noah and all the beasts...And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided." Genesis 8:1-2


When Noah entered the boat/ark that God had commanded him to build, there was no guarantee that he would ever see land again. The Bible doesn't give us insight into what Noah was thinking as he floated aimlessly on the water with his family and animals for 150 days. At that point, the only promise God had made to him was that He was wiping out all of mankind with a flood because of their "continuous evil, violence, and wickedness." (Gen. 6:5,11) It is truly astounding that God was willing to save Noah and his family, much less remember them.

The Independence of God

God is not obligated to anyone or anything. He is completely capable of existing without man or His creation. He is "not served by human hands", (Acts 17:24-27) He answers to no one and owns "the world and its fullness", (Psalms 50:12) if man did not proclaim His Name, "the rocks would cry out" (Luke 19:39-40) Vastly independent is God, yet He still "remembered" helpless, stranded, Noah afloat on the water.

The Promise of God to the Poor

God remembers. He does not forget His people. Even when we feel like we have done everything He has asked us, yet find ourselves like Noah and his family, adrift, He will remember. Many of the poor and helpless that come to the door of the shelter are lost, at no real fault of their own. They are trying to escape an abusive spouse or toxic living condition, and have no where else to turn. They have found themselves in poverty, just as Noah did. Thankfully, the wind is just about to blow.

The Ark of Salvation

We speculated what Noah must of been thinking as he was trapped on the water waiting for the wind of grace. I can imagine him reminding himself of all of the ridicule and disregard he endured as he built the ark and followed God's Word to him. But the thought that I believe comforted him the most was looking at the ark itself. The vehicle that God used to save him, his family, and the animals.

Will You Enter the Ark Today?

God has given us all an opportunity to get into the ark. (If you've heard the Good News of Jesus) It's seen in the form of a cross that Jesus, the only Son of God, died on willingly to take man's sin and free us from the poverty and helpless state we are in. If you will turn from your sin and yourself today, and by faith, accept Jesus' sacrifice, you can join Noah and his family and be saved from impending judgment.

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