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Shelter providing Hotel Assistance for  Homeless during COVID-19 crisis...

Unique times mean unique measures.  For the first time in 30 years the Beacon Rescue Mission shelter has had to stop direct housing the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Accustomed to serving over 250 people a year with shelter, consisting of men, women and children, the Beacon has had to become creative in this time. 

"We couldn't leave people stranded without anywhere to go, so we began to partner with hotels and pay for rooms."

Jonathan Cook

Resident Pastor and Outreach Director 


Jesus has a particular place in his heart for the poor and the marginalized.  And one group that has been overlooked, for the most part, during this pandemic is the homeless.  

Most of the individuals that are in need of shelter services come out of broken relationships, underemployment, and addiction.  The COVID-19 crisis has only served to amplify these peoples hardships. 

The Beacon Shelter has begun a Shelter-in-Place Fund to pay for hotel rooms until they can re-open the shelter.  

The latest statistics show that one single mother and young son have been able to find permanent housing just this past week.  This shows that even though we are in difficult circumstances, we can still show the love of Christ and give the less fortunate hope through this time.

Would you consider donating to the Shelter-in-Place fund to help those in need have a place to stay during this crisis?  HELP

Watch testimonial video of the Beacon Rescue Mission...
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